Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine

Sports Medicine - Dr. Merepeza

The phrase “sports medicine” is not specific to one career/profession. It encompasses a group of professionals from various disciplines whose focus is the health of an athlete.

PHSRC is a high profile sports focused clinical team that includes physicians, chiropractors, physiotherapists, naturopaths and our massage therapists. We serve many teams and individual athletes in multiple sports.

Our team-based approach

We have several members of our team focused on providing sports care. Dr. Merepeza has many years of experience in multiple sports and multinational teams and athletes. He has attended five Olympic Games and many world championships and other sporting events which is testament to the high quality sports care he has provided over the years.

Dr. Fagan has also extensive experience working as a chiropractor with sports of hockey (also as a player drafted to OHL) and archery (himself a Canadian Champion and National Team archer) as well as wrestling, rugby, football and track and field.

Sandor Jakab, a physiotherapist, provides sports care and has worked with hockey, soccer, wrestling, cycling and serves as the physiotherapist for the Canadian National Team of floor ball.

Dr. Kim is an avid rock climber and has served on the Medical Staff of the International Federation of Sport Climbing’s World Cup. He has served as a trainer for the Aurora Barbarians Rugby Football Club as well as the Ontario Soccer Association and has completed clinical assessments with the Toronto Titans AAA midget hockey club.

We all work together to provide excellent sports care for professional and amateur athletes alike.

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