Ian Bennett

Ian Bennett, RMT

Ian Bennett is a dedicated registered massage therapist whose main goal as an RMT is to help patients return to a pain-free, fully functioning condition through a personalized plan of care.  He first became passionate about the benefits of massage therapy when he saw the rehabilitation effects it had on a family member after a motor vehicle accident.   

Ian assesses and treats a wide range of muscular, fascia, nerve, joint and bone impairments which include back pain, stress-related tension, sports injuries, chronic headaches, and strains. He uses a combination of therapeutic massage techniques and manual therapy such as: deep tissue techniques, general Swedish massage, joint mobilizations, trigger point release, myofascial release, and remedial exercise.

Ian attended Fleming College’s accelerated massage therapy program graduating in 2020 with experience in sports therapy, TMJ (jaw) disorders, and pregnancy massage.  He grew up in the Peterborough area, and after a previous career in Kitchener & Toronto, is happy to be calling Northumberland home and to contribute to the community. 

He has always had a passion for helping people whether through volunteering at Princess Margaret Hospital or being a Big Brother.   

If not at the clinic, you will find Ian feeding the cattle at the family farm, cycling, or hiking in the hills of Northumberland County Forest.