Sandor Jakab

Sandor Jakab PT

Registered Physiotherapist

Sandor Jakab PTSandor Jakab BPE, M.SC.PT is a registered physiotherapist who started out his career in Australia where he attained a Masters in Physiotherapy Studies, from the University of Queesnsland. Sandor’s current success in rehabilitation is evident through the use of manual therapy, dry needling, unique and extensive joint stabilization and strengthening program. His approach to rehabilitation is uniquely client centered, striving to keep the number of treatment sessions to a minimal and at a low cost. This approach is in line with ALL the other health professionals’ team at Port Hope Chiropractic and Health Centre.

Affordability, high quality treatment and cooperation from the clients (i.e. exercise) is what he considers to be successful formula for his clients and for the Health Centre.