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Olympic series interview with Dr. Alban Merepeza

Day 9 of my Olympic audio interview series features a Port Hope chiropractor who has worked at six Olympic Games…Dr. Alban Merepeza.

In this interview, our discussion includes the athletes Dr. Merepeza has worked with, including track star Andre de Grasse, and the Games he has worked at – Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, London 2012, Sochi 2014, Rio 2016 and Pyeongchang 2018.

Listen to the interview here.

NOTE: While we wait for local sports to return following the COVID-19 pandemic, a big part of JG Sports Media’s website content will be audio interviews, like this one. Guests will include representatives from local sports organizations as well as other notable guests, many who have ties to this area and even some who don’t.

I love the Olympics and this series will run from July 24 until Aug. 9. This is the time the Games would have been on before they got postponed until 2021.

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Ana Padurariu
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Canadian National Team Gymnast Ana Padurariu Wins Silver Medal

Canadian National Team Gymnast Ana Padurariu Wins Silver Medal

Congratulations to Ana Padurariu on wining the silver medals at the 2018 Gymnastics World Championships in Doha, Qatar!!

Ana PadurariuOur physiotherapist Sandor Jakab and Dr. Alban Merepeza are very proud to work with the Canadian National Team gymnast, Ana Padurariu. She is an immensely talented athlete who at the age of 16 on her first World Championships won a silver medal. It was quite an exciting event on the beam where Ana edged out the multiple World and Olympic champion, the American superstar, Simone Biles.

Please read this story and watch this video to see Ana deservingly win the silver medal.

Congratulations to Ana and her coach… we are all thrilled for your accomplishment and will continue to support you on your future quest for more medals!

Dr Alban Merepeza
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Dr Merepeza Keynote Speaker At The Canadian National Chiropractic Convention

Dr Merepeza Keynote Speaker At The Canadian National Chiropractic Convention

Dr. Alban Merepeza and Andre De Grasse
Dr. Alban Merepeza and Andre De Grasse at the Canadian National Chiropractic Convention in April 2018, in Calgary, Alberta

Dr. Alban Merepeza was invited as a keynote speaker to present in two separate panels at the Canadian National Chiropractic Convention in April 2018, in Calgary, Alberta. It was an honour for him to be recognized by the Canadian Chiropractic Association for his work in various multidisciplinary sport teams over the years and for having developed Port Hope Health Centre as one of the largest multidisciplinary clinical teams in a private setting. He was happy to share the stage with four other colleagues, three chiropractors and an MD. He strongly believes that chiropractic profession should integrate within the health care system in Canada as this will undoubtedly benefit the Canadian population and ensure a bright future for the chiropractic profession.

Dr. Merepeza had the distinct pleasure to be the keynote speaker with his friend, the great Canadian sprinter, Andre De Grasse. He enjoyed being on stage for the closing day as the last act of the convention with Andre talking about their experiences of working together.

A wonderful experience overall and he was enlightened by the information shared by the other panelists during the convention.

Phylicia George and Dr Alban Merepeza
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Olympic Games at Pyeonchang 2018

Olympic Games at Pyeonchang 2018

Dr. Merepeza attended his 6th Olympic Games at Pyeonchang 2018 in South Korea. He was once again working with the Albanian Olympic Team but this time as their Chief Medical Officer. It was wonderful to be working with the Albanian Olympic Team and help the athletes achieve their Olympic dreams and aspiration.

The Games were very well organised and Dr. Merepeza thoroughly enjoyed the Korean culture and all it had to offer. Although he was working with the Albanian Olympic Team he enjoyed hanging out with some of the Canadian athletes and coaches which he has previously worked with. He was very happy to see Canadian sprint star, his friend, Phylicia George (who competed at Rio Summer Olympics but decided to try the Winter Olympics) in the sport of Bobsleighing. She and her Bobsled teammate Kaillie Humphrey won bronze and Dr. Merepeza was there to cheer her on.

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FIS World Skiing Championships St Moritz, Switzerland

Once again Dr. Merepeza was invited by the Albanian Skiing Federation to be the Albanian Alpine Skiing Team’s medical staff. This was a special event as Dr. Merepeza and his very good friend Dr. Roger Woodward formed the medical team. This was the first time that Dr. Woodward and Dr. Merepea have worked together with Dr. Woodward being the physician for the team and Dr. Merepeza its chiropractor. It was an exciting event as the Albanian skiers improved their ranking in this competition.

It was fantastic scenery in the Swiss Alps and one of the best memorable events in winter sports for all.

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Euro Football Championships Qualifiers, France 2016

Dr. Merepeza was part of the medical staff of Albanian National Soccer Team during these tough qualifiers that included great teams such as Portugal.

Albania was able to qualify for the Championships with a historic result and a deserved win on the last game in Yerevan, Armenia 3-0. Off to France!

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Olympic Games Rio De Janeiro, Brazil


This was undoubtedly the best Olympic Games Dr. Merepeza has attended. He was there as official chiropractor for the Canadian Olympic Team and specifically with athletics team. It was very exciting to be in Rio with probably the most promising Athletics Team that Canada had ever send to any Olympic Games. The Canadian Team produced the best results as expected collecting six medals with Andre de Grasee leading the way with three medals, bronze in 100m, silver in 200m and bronze on the 4X100m relay.

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An extremely satisfying and memorable experience for Dr. Merepeza!

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IAAF World Championships Beijing, China

Dr. Merepeza travelled to Beijing for the Athletics World Championships as a personal chiropractor with talented Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse. It was great to be back in Beijing seven years since 2008 Olympics. It was an exciting event as Andre came as NCAA champion in 100m and 200m with some phenomenal times 9.75 and 19.58 which he did in a fashion that has never been done before, only 45 minutes apart between both races.

He got bronze with 9.92 in 100m and it was a fantastic result for Andre! He put Canada on the sprint map again!

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Pan Am Toronto Games 2015

The PAN AM Games in Toronto were a unique opportunity for all of us at Port Hope Health Centre to get involved and contribute to the Games. Sandor, our physiotherapist, was selected to work at the Weightlifting Competition held in Oshawa Civic Arena and Dr. Merepeza was the Lead Medical practitioner for the Weightlifting Sport. The Medical Team included 5 MDs, 6 Physiotherapists, 3 Athletic therapists, 4 Massage Therapists and the staff from St John’s Ambulance and Durham’s Paramedic EMS Services. One of the MDs was our own Dr. Kemi Oluyole, Family Physician at Cobourg Health Centre.

Dr. Merepeza, after the weightlifting competition was over, moved on to track and field for the remainder of the games working with Andre De Grasee who won gold in 100m (10.05), 200m (19.88) Canadian Record!

It was a fantastic experience for all of us and we were extremely proud to have participated in this great once in a life time Canadian PAN AM Games.